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Now You Can Enjoy Your Morning Coffee Like Never Before

Lion Rush Coffees are surprisingly complex, refreshingly invigorating, and flavorful – the best-tasting coffee beans in the world. But you won’t find naturally great coffee like this on the shelf at your local supermarket.

Not many people know the truth: coffee, unlike fine wine, does NOT improve with age. In fact, the best cup of coffee you will ever drink is made with recently-roasted, freshly-ground coffee beans.

In fact, coffee beans reach their peak condition just 24-72 hours after roasting, and retain most of their goodness for just a couple of weeks after that.

If you want to enjoy long-lasting motivational energy that makes you feel confident like a lion – while warming your heart and filling your mouth with silky, delicious gusto – then you can’t settle for second best.

You And I Insist On Fresh Milk and Fresh Fish. Why Not Fresh Coffee?

The problem is, most coffee beans are roasted and then put on the back of supermarket shelves to sit for weeks or sometimes months before you grind and drink them.

This means, by the time you actually make that cup of coffee, the best flavors are already gone, and you are left with empty bitterness that can only be tamed by excessive amounts of cream.

Just because coffee stays safe after sitting on shelves for months on end, doesn’t mean it has retained any of its original goodness.

That’s where Lion Rush Coffee is different.

The Lion Rush “Three Pillars Of Quality Coffee”

Each and every package of roasted coffee beans we deliver to our customers goes through our insanely rigorous three-tier checklist for maximum potency and powerful, energetic essence.

High Quality Green Beans from Around The World

Even “gourmet” beans these days are grown on giant plantations designed for volume, and not quality. To really find exceptional-quality beans, our company has to really dig into every detail – from the soil they are grown in to the traditions and climate of their homeland.

Once we hand-pick our beans, we move to the next step.

Optimal Roasting Profile

Did you know there are hundreds of ways to roast a coffee bean? Not only that, but each way of roasting will yield a completely different flavor and result.

We experiment and find the optimum roasting techniques for flavor, energy, and health benefits all in one. Once we’ve found the perfect “eye-popping” balance of all three, we roast small batches and immediately deliver them to customers, who get the best benefits of the roasting process immediately afterwards.

Fresh Grinding

Finally, we ship whole-bean, because the grinding process releases much of the aroma and flavor (with its proven health benefits) and causes chemical reactions that we want you to enjoy in every cup.

Each step in our meticulous process is designed to build on the last – so you get the maximum natural potency of the bean delivered fresh into your cup. 

Accelerate Your Day With Bold Freshness

The bottom line?

Lion Rush is coffee the way it is meant to be: delivering apex exhilaration directly into your world through the small luxury of your morning coffee.

After all, if coffee ties your day together, acting as a comfort and a motivating factor all in one… Then why not go all the way – and make it the best daily pleasure imaginable? For a very affordable price, you can upgrade from stale grocery-shelf coffee to Lion Rush Coffee – and level up in every area of your life all at once.

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