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Welcome to Lion Rush Coffee

Our mission is to help you on your journey to greatness. You deserve quality and functional products that not only thrill your taste buds but also help motivate, energize, support, and excite you. Our commitment comes from an absolute obsession with delicious coffeehealth, and peak performance.


Ethically Sourced

100% Specialty-Grade Arabica beans. Fair-Trade and Organic.


Artisan Roasted

Optimal roasting profile for each coffee. Unique natural flavors.


Fresh Guaranteed

Roasts and ships the same day. Your roasted coffee never sits on a shelf.


Life’s Too Short to Live Anything But Your Best Self

Lion Rush Coffee is not your average coffee roaster, and these are not your average coffee beans. We craft each bag to deliver a cup so sublime that it stands alone – no need for additives. To achieve this, we source prime ingredients from trusted partners, work tirelessly on Research & Development, and Roast & Ship the same day to maximize freshness. 


We believe that coffee is more than a beverage:  It is an experience. Whether it is the jolt of energy you need to wake up, the soothing comfort it brings throughout your day, unwinding with a friend after work, or wrapping up your dessert after dinner with your family – coffee is a unifier and a connector.


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At Lion Rush Coffee, you get freshly roasted 100% Specialty Arabica beans fast to your door, the best bang for your buck gear, and curated information.


The Ultimate Energy Blend!

Have you felt was is like to be limitless? Smart Coffee is for High Achievers that want an extra edge. You will crush your goals, elevate your mood, stimulate creativity, and increase performance. Every serving packs accurate, functional, and lab-tested amounts of 3000mg of Yerba Mate and 1500mg of Lions Mane Mushrooms 6x more potent than anything on the market

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