Costa Rica Honey

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This is something extraordinary. Not every day, we have the privilege to offer this unique Costa Rica Honey-process micro lot. Balanced and soft with toffee, lemon, mild floral notes, and a creamy mouthfeel. An amazing experience that will keep you coming back for more.

*This is a limited edition only available in small quantities.

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Roast level: Light roast

Tasting notes: Balanced and soft with toffee, lemon, and mild floral flavor, and a creamy mouthfeel.

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Carrizal, Tarrazú

Variety: Cautai

Harvest schedule: December-February

Process after harvest: Honey

Altitude: 1700 M.A.S.L

How is Honey Processed Coffee Different from Washed or Natural? Traditionally, coffee producers have used two main techniques for processing their beans: natural (or dry) and washed. The honey (or pulped natural) process is a hybrid that combines elements of both techniques to create new differentiations in flavor. Honey process is a method in which the fresh coffee cherries are de-pulped, but allowed to dry without washing. Some of the fruit is still there, but not nearly as much as in the natural process. Most of the cherry is gone, but the remaining golden, sticky mucilage is reminiscent of honey, which is where the process gets it name.

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We generally enjoy the following recipe:

Hot or Iced Pour Over, Filter Coffee Machine

1:16 ratio (e.g., for two cups use 32 grams of coffee / 500 grams of water)

French Press

1:14 ratio (e.g., for two cups use 36 grams of coffee / 500 grams of water)

Grind: Medium

Coffee grounds more closely resemble coarse sand. The grounds are somewhat rough, but it can be difficult to see their shape.

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Farm Story:

Costa Rica Honey. Ditso Micromill is overseen by Monserrat Prado Flores and Adrian Gamboa, representing about 2.7 hectares of coffee in multiple varieties, including Caturra, Catuai, Villalobos, Costa Rica 95, Obata, and an F1 hybrid. Adrian is a third-generation coffee producer. His grandfather is one of a group of farmers known as “The Pioneers” for being among the first in the area to produce a wide variety of products. Until 2017, the family delivered their cherry to a cooperative; now, they have their own micro mill. The coffee here is processed as Honey and Naturals. Coffees are dried on raised beds. Coffee “has become the core of our culture,” says Monserrat. “It is not just a simple beverage anymore. Coffee gathers people around it; is the reason for people to meet, is our motor of life, it unites families.”

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Wholebeans, Cold Brew/French Press (coarse), Filter/Drip (medium), Espresso (fine)

4 reviews for Costa Rica Honey

  1. Rafael G

    Sweet and rich aroma!

  2. Camila

    It is smooth and packed with flavor. I get sweet chocolate and a light body. it is now one of my favorites for sure!

  3. John Reece

    Im happy to recommend this one

  4. Juan M

    Very good

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