Espresso Italiano

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Dai! Cosa stai aspettando?

What are you waiting for? This is our most robust coffee to date. We roast this blend to an espresso level, bringing you a bold and full mouthfeel of chocolaty goodness! With the right mix of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans, this blend is an exquisite way of providing you with passionate Italian energy.

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Roast level: dark

Tasting notes: almond syrup and dark chocolate

Country: Brazil + Ethiopia

Variety: Yellow Bourbon, 74110, 744, 7454

Process after harvest: natural + washed

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We generally enjoy the following recipe:

Hot or Iced Pour Over, Filter Coffee Machine

1:16 ratio (e.g., for two cups use 32 grams of coffee / 500 grams of water)

French Press

1:14 ratio (e.g., for two cups use 36 grams of coffee / 500 grams of water)

Grind: Medium

Coffee grounds more closely resemble coarse sand. The grounds are somewhat rough, but it can be difficult to see their shape.

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This is our Espresso Italiano blend: robust, chocolaty, and with slight citrus fruit overtones. We did many trials to find the right balance between the darker Brazilian naturally processed, and the lighter Ethiopian washed.

Consider getting this coffee if you like strong, heavy-body, and sweet. We really believe you will love this blend out of any brew method. Give it a shot without additives first; we believe that the low acidity and no bitterness make it really smooth and tasty to drink straight.

Additional information

Package Size

12oz, 5lb


Wholebeans, Cold Brew/French Press (coarse), Filter/Drip (medium), Espresso (fine)

6 reviews for Espresso Italiano

  1. Matt

    This roast in my favorite roast that I have currently tried from LRC, amazing coffee!!

  2. Ron

    Smooth and balanced!!!

  3. Tom

    Bold and sweet this is my favorite!

  4. Jorge

    Smooth and balanced with a nice touch of acidity.

  5. Pat

    I enjoy this very much

  6. Paula

    I’m happy with this choice thank you!

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