Smart Coffee

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THINK. CREATE. PERFORM: Have you felt what it is like to be limitless? Add Smart Coffee to your routine if you are a High Achiever that wants an extra edge – with potent amounts of Yerba Mate and Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, you will crush your goals, elevate your mood, stimulate creativity, and increase performance!

The unique combination of Coffee, Yerba Mate, and the highest amount of Lion’s Mane of any other mushroom coffee on the market, delivers a potent nootropic effect that you most likely have yet to experience. It’s 3rd party tested for safety.


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Brew Powerful, Thrilling, and Exotic nootropics

Dark Roast Coffee with Lion’s Mane Mushroom and Yerba Mate

With a full dose of Premium Coffee (10,000mg), Yerba Mate(3,000mg), and Organic Lion’s Mane Mushrooms (1,500mg), you will experience intense results!

  • High nootropic amounts 
  • 150mg caffeine per serving 
  • Best used early in the day 
  • Ground – 22 real servings
  • No artificial flavors 
  • Rich & smooth 
  • Low acid 
  • Keto

USA-grown Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

lions mane mushroom

Hericium Erinaceus

  • Mental Performance Support: memory recall, nerve health, focus, clarity, creativity, and mood.
  • Full Spectrum Immune Support: Lion’s Mane Powder is made of whole food mushroom powder that includes mycelium and fruiting bodies and provides immune health support with beta-glucans, antioxidants, dietary fiber, and prebiotics for gut health.

Top Quality Yerba Mate

yerba mate gourd

I. paraguariensis

  • It has been used for centuries in Latin America, mainly in the “Yerba Mate Ritual.” Yerba mate contains three types of stimulants: caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline.
  • Naturally decreases cravings, and it helps to reduce LDL cholesterol within 20 days of supplementation.
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Brazil Single Origin Coffee (Dark Roast)

coffee roasting cooling tray

100% Specialty-Grade Arabica Coffee

  • Sometimes referred to as liquid gold, Coffee is the most popular source of caffeine in North America. Also, a source of tons of nutrients and is most recently touted as a source of chlorogenic acid and ferulic acid.
  • The primary benefits of coffee consumption come from support and stimulation of cognitive function, brain health, muscle gain, and exercise.
  • Other benefits include Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as help in fat loss and insulin sensitivity.

In my ongoing quest for exceptional coffee, I recently discovered a hidden gem right in my neighborhood : Lion Rush Coffee Roasters. Surprisingly, even though I frequently search for local roasters, Lion Rush had never appeared on my radar. Upon reaching out to them, I was promptly greeted by Martins enthusiastic response. He informed me they had an extra batch of their Espresso Italiano blend. Without hesitation, I headed over and soon had a freshly packed bag in my possession. That evening, the brewing felt like a ritual. The aroma was intoxicating ... a perfect meld of roasted nuts, caramel and dark chocolate. The espresso felt robust, velvety and flavorful. It was clear I was dealing with artisans who took immense pride in their craft. Coffee enthusiasts look no further. I feel genuinely fortunate to find such perfect Coffee Roasters.
Sharon Joseph
Sharon Joseph
This is the Best mushroom coffee combination
James Codding
James Codding
You cannot beat fresh roasted coffee. I picked up my order and the bag was still warm. I immediately went home to brew a cup and my mind was blown. This is why people are so obsessed with coffee. I've never had beans so fresh, and I've never had a better cup. Great, great, great coffee.
Ryan Diaz
Ryan Diaz
Excellent product!! Martin was a great help and super friendly. This brand is my new go to! So happy I found them.
Very happy with them! From the first time I called it was a great experience, I had many question about coffee, what to order for my machine and settings to use, all was well explained. Since then I use the subscription option and never run out of coffee. They are very flexible and always on time. Coffee is great and you can note their beans freshness compared with others coffee. Definitely recommend.
Hansol Hwang
Hansol Hwang
I've been looking for lightly roasted coffee so that it doesn't taste bitter. Lionrush coffee finds roasting points suitable for coffee beans and saves Flavor of all coffee beans. For those who want to feel the scent of real coffee, I recommend this coffee where you can taste high-quality coffee at a reasonable price.
Margs K
Margs K
Really great communication for my online order. Very happy with the service. Will continue to buy!
Mirto Barceloo
Mirto Barceloo
We all love fresh things and this company provides the freshest and most wonderful coffee beans. Service is first class and product quality is unmatchable. I would give more stars if it was possible. Thanks for the coffee.
Em B
Em B
Very nice people and AMAZING cookies!! I will be going back next Sunday for more.

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