Hario Skerton Plus Ceramic Coffee Mill


The Skerton Plus Ceramic Coffee Mill is a favorite amongst coffee newcomers and professionals alike. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel or home use. This grinder can make a full range of grind sizes and hold up to 100g of coffee. An update to the original Skerton, the Skerton Plus comes with a burr stabilizing plate that helps keep the center shaft in place for a more uniform grind.

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Hario Skerton Plus Ceramic Coffee Mill

All the Hario manual coffee grinders use burrs made of ceramic – conical ceramic burrs transfer less heat and shave coffee beans versus cracking them like blade grinders. This process also provides a more consistent grind that can easily be adjusted and set for repeat use.

Item Number: MSCS-2DTB
Size: W172×D93×H231mm
Capacity: Coffee Grounds 100g

Handle, Fixing Screw, Stopper, Grind Adjustment Nut: Stainless Steel
Hopper Lid, Non-Slip Cover: Silicone Rubber
Lid, Glip, Main Body (Hopper): Polypropylene
Glass Bowl: Heatproof Glass

Made in Japan

3 reviews for Hario Skerton Plus Ceramic Coffee Mill

  1. roland

    it’s solid and makes even consistent grounds. i’m very happy with this purchase

  2. Maria Alejandra

    This is my first coffee grinder and I am glad I took the jump to start grinding myself. Huge difference in flavor! Bought togehter with the espresso blend and shipping was very fast I got it in 3 days.

  3. Pat

    A solid grinder

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