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What Coffee Has The Most Caffeine


Caffeine is a stable compound, and it doesn’t break down during the roasting process. Light and dark roasts of the same green coffee will have the same amount of caffeine content. 

Two main factors will influence how much caffeine is in your drink:

1- Arabica vs. Robusta

There are two main commercial species of coffee. Arabica coffee contains about 1.2% of caffeine vs. Robusta coffee that has 2.2% of caffeine. 

Robusta plants yield more coffee than Arabica plants, but Arabica grows at higher altitudes giving more complexity and specific flavors. 

High-quality coffees are usually 100% Arabica. They contain identifiable flavors, more sugars, and less bitterness. 

2- Your brew method 

Contrary to popular opinion, espresso coffee does not contain more caffeine than brewed coffee because the grounds contact the water for a short period. Typically, the longer the contact between the coffee grounds and the water, the more caffeine the final brew will have. Usually, drip or filter coffee will have the most caffeine per coffee drink.

Drinking coffee is a journey, and you should explore to find what you like best. One of our goals at Lion Rush Coffee is to provide you with information so you can transit the coffee world with confidence.

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