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Why is Lion Rush Coffee different?

Why We’re Different

Unlike large coffee wholesalers and retailers, Lion Rush Coffee delivers a detail-oriented, high-quality, and expertly crafted experience right to your door. We are passionate about roasting incredible coffee for our customers, seeking out perfection with a tenacity that larger brands simply cannot match.

At the end of the day, we’re just like you: Hardworking, dedicated, and incredibly particular about the quality of our coffee. We want coffee beans that brew up utter perfection – whether in a French press, a pour-over, an espresso machine, or a drip coffee maker. We craft each bean to deliver a cup of coffee so sublime that it stands alone – no need for additives or additional flavors.  To achieve this, we work tirelessly on our process, our global partners, and our professional experience – all in the never-ending pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee.

The Lion Rush Coffee Difference

We’re coffee fanatics and lovers to our core.  Lion Rush Coffee was born out of an absolute obsession with delicious coffee health, and peak performance.  We are driven to create products that not only thrill our taste buds but slay our senses: coffee beans that will help motivate, energize, support, excite, and drive your daily life.

At Lion Rush Coffee – you are not some faceless market share that we are constantly trying to capture. Each and every batch of coffee we roast is with you in mind, and it is our ultimate goal to deliver a superior coffee experience.

Again, welcome to Lion Rush Coffee – where the only thing stronger than our coffee is our commitment to excellence.