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Welcome to Lion Rush Coffee

We specialize in providing premium coffee and equipment for enriching human life. We develop products to fuel you with the right type of energy. Our elite coffees will channel your inner King of the Beasts to help you rush to your goals with strength, courage, and royalty.

Specialty Roaster

We believe that coffee is more than a beverage:  It is an experience. Whether it is the jolt of energy you need to wake up, the soothing comfort it brings throughout your day, unwinding with a friend after work, or wrapping up your dessert after dinner with your family – coffee is a unifier and a connector.

At Lion Rush Coffee, you get freshly roasted 100% Specialty Arabica beans fast to your door, the best bang for your buck gear, and curated information.

Ethically Sourced

100% Specialty-Grade Arabica beans. Fair-Trade and Organic.

Artisan Roasted

Optimal roasting profile for each coffee. Unique natural flavors.

Fresh Guaranteed

Roasts and ships the same day. Never sits on shelves.

How May We Help You?

Here we are to help! We take care of all your coffee problems so you don’t have to.

We are also on the lookout for new talent to help us grow. Our main roasting facility is in Miami, Fl. If you believe you should be part of our Lion Rush Coffee team, get in touch and tell us why.